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Due to the active development of the music industry, the number of legal disputes between the subjects of this market is increasing many times. This is due to the fact that new participants in this field are not sufficiently aware of the legal risks that they necessarily face on their creative path. Aspiring artists tend to get into well-known music corporations, not paying attention to some ambiguous terms of production contracts.

Many risks are exposed not only to the artists but also to the creative associations themselves, which are forced to enter into distribution contracts to promote tracks and make a profit. Often, such agreements are developed by party “A” (the distribution company) in such a way that the prevailing part of the provisions of the contract is interpreted in their favor in one way or another, which, in the end, can turn into a number of problems for the music label.

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An important issue in this industry is the preservation of the confidentiality of various categories of information, the peculiarity of which is that a particular category, for example, the words of a song, may at one stage of the work relate to confidential information, and not after the release of a track. In order to preserve the secrecy of information and prevent its dissemination to third parties, it is necessary to correctly build the architectonics of the trade secret regime in the organization. This will significantly reduce the risk of leakage of confidential information from both contractors and employees of the company itself.

Reasons experts provide a range of services to protect the rights and legitimate interests of all participants in the music industry:

— development of production contracts taking into account the interests of the artist and the record label;
— preparation of license and distribution agreements;
— implementation of the trade secret regime in the organization;
— registration of rights to artists’ pseudonyms and trademarks;
— development of local regulations, job descriptions of the company’s employees;
— preparation of a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) between employees and contractors of the music label, as well as the implementation of the conditions for its compliance;
— advising market participants on other issues arising in the course of their commercial activities.

Considering the peculiarities of the music industry and extensive experience in the field of media, the Reasons lawyers can reduce potential risks and resolve the current legal problems of all participants in this market.