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Despite the complexity and entanglement of tax legislation, the Reasons Law Firm team finds the most effective ways to resolve tax disputes for its clients. We help recover tax overpayments, support tax audits, and challenge decisions to recover arrears and penalties.

In addition to consulting on tax legislation, Reasons Law Firm specialists prepare tax opinions and recommendations on the risks and legal consequences associated with implementing the chosen strategy.

Head of Practice

One of Russia’s leading experts in the field of tax law with more than 17 years of experience

Timur Talibov

Head of Tax Practice

How we work


We conduct a consultation to find out the client’s need


We review the available documentation to assess the potential risks


We prepare a legal opinion


We develop a strategy for solving the client’s situation


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Our tax services include:

1. In the field of tax planning:

  • selection and modeling of investment and investment withdrawal methods, taking into account tax efficiency, business model, and investment object;
  • structuring of objects of transactions for further sale, as well as restructuring of objects of transactions after their purchase (M&A projects);
  • tax planning for groups of enterprises: optimization of business models and organizational structures;
  • development of internal and external financing transaction schemes.

2. In the field of tax support:

  • analysis of the tax consequences of foreign economic transactions;
  • selection of financing models for the company’s core business and capital investments, taking into account tax optimization;
  • assessment of the business model in terms of the impact of indirect taxes on it;
  • planning of transactions between affiliated companies: checking intra-company prices, preparation of documents justifying transfer pricing, localization (transfer) of costs;
  • support of investment projects and businesses;
  • choosing the optimal tax strategy and optimizing the cost structure in terms of taxes.

3. In the field of pre-trial and trial resolution of tax conflicts:

  • protection of the client’s interests during tax audits;
  • interaction with the fiscal authority on the issues of tax legislation use;
  • support of the client in the pre-trial resolution of the conflict: drawing up objections to the inspection reports, taking part in their consideration, pre-trial challenging through a higher authority;
  • protection of the client’s interests in tax disputes in the courts.

The Reasons Law Firm team carefully develops a defense strategy to resolve the conflict at the pre-trial stage. If the dispute ends up in court, we apply our long-standing judicial practice to maximize the protection of the taxpayer’s rights.